FounderPad is a resource for founders, makers, hackers and perhaps marketers.

I (Gene) curate the most useful resources for founders such as cool podcasts, newsletters, books and tools, so you don't have to ever ask "what's the best ___?"

Here's the thing, there is an abundance of advice for founders. Communities, tweets, videos, sound clips, all full of sage advice that if put to good use will get us to our goals. BUT, you have to know where to find it, and remember to apply it.

FounderPad seeks to bring all of this wisdom, the tried and true, the new and the old all under one roof.

This way, when you need a go-to resource to kick up your next idea or play, it's all right here at your fingertips.

What is the source of these resources?

I scour the web including places like Twitter, podcasts, blogs, interviews and communities to find the most talked about resources. For tools, I list things that I have personally used in the past or know them to be helpful. Verified tools (those that I can personally vouch for) will have a verified mark (not yet implemented).

A bit of disclaimer:

Some of the resources have affiliate links attached to them (books, certain tools). I do this only to support my coffee habit (I feel you giving me the looks, stop it!) These affiliations in no way influence what resource is added or featured.

To recommend a book or a podcast just email me directly or message on Twitter. Please explain why you think the book or podcast belongs on FounderPad - what do you like about it? How has it served you?

Lastly, this is very much a side project and a work in progress. If you feel it's missing a feature, don't hesitate to recommend. Just keep in mind, it's only me here, doing my best to add stuff in spare time. Best reach me on Twitter (I reply to people and don't engage in fakery).

From me, to you, with all the good feelings...